Tuesday, February 26

I need space

I did some jogging tonight, as part of a new year resolution.

Had some more time at hand to surf YouTube to watch videos and tutorials on breakdancing, popping and gliding. Really makes me miss the good old Hip Hop classes I used to attend.

But watching great videos without practising is as good as getting nothing learnt. There's no where I can try the moves out, at least not in the house shared with people other than my Wifey.

These are the times when I really miss getting my own home.
For the privacy that money can buy.

I'm hoping the HDB price will drop in the coming years, so that I can possibly accelerate my plans to get a flat.

And then I can invite my buddies over for mahjong & home-cooked food (terrible but still edible) over the weekends.

For now, I can only dream.


khengsiong said...

Get a Nintendo Wii. Watch video and exercise at the same time. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone...

A Suspicious Man said...

Privacy is a very strange thing. I think you can wait for them to be out or something haha :D

I heard renting a flat in the west side is quite affordable man.

Mockingbird said...

If you don't want to waste at least S$30,000 for paying the cash over valuation for a resale flat, you have no choice but to wait for your new flat. i'm also in the same predicament. i'm now staying with my parents. i long for my own home too with great earnest.

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