Sunday, March 30

Cows are evil.

Do you know that everytime a cow belch or fart, methane gas is released into the atmosphere?

And methane gas is one of the component of greehhouse gases. And 20 times more harmful than carbon monoxide at driving global warminge.

According to one of the articles released by CNN, a typical cow burps about 280 POOKING liters of methane each day. That's huge!

Sheeps also do the same evil thingy, but to a smaller extent.

For those of us who are complaining about fumes generated by cars, maybe its time you start pinpointing a bigger culprit. Good thing there's no cows in Singapore (I think).

The saying "what you eat is what you are" applies for our moo moo cows too. Researchers discovered that the amount of methane produced by a cow varies dramatically according to the quality of its diet. Cows fed on lousy meal, generate significantly more gas and produce less meat and milk. Cows should be fed with food that are more easily digestible by the cow's body.

Some Australians have taken a step further, creating campaigns to boycott cow's milk. Oh dear, who's gonna fulfill the kid's calcium needs for healthier bones?

Gollums are coming our way.


khengsiong said...

Everything we do contribute to global warming and air pollution. The recent issue of Time magazine says that biofuels, supposed to cleaner than gasoline, are not so green after all if we clear up forest to plant soybean or palm oil.

I think the best way to save the earth is to reduce world population.

Shingo T said...

KS: Reduce world population? Somehow the word "terrorists" comes to mind.


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