Tuesday, April 1

April Fool's Day

Knowing that a "Limpeh is gonna quit blogging" will be a lousy unconvincing blog entry for today, Limpeh will share instead some of the April Fool's Day jokes that have been done in previous years.

(1) The April 1998 newsletter of New Mexicans for Science and Reason says they will change the value of pi from 3.14 to 3.0.

(2) The Dutch television news reported once in the 1950s that the Tower of Pisa had fallen over. Many shocked people contacted the station.

(3) Electronic Gaming Magazine (EGM) claiming that some Street Fighter II characters possessed unlisted special moves, including Chun-Li hurling her bracelets at an opponent.

(4) In 1998, 2 stupid jockeys reported that Boston mayor Thomas Menino had been killed in a car accident. Menino happened to be on a flight at the time, lending credence to the prank as he could not be reached. The rumor spread quickly across the city, eventually causing news stations to issue alerts denying the hoax. The pair were fired shortly thereafter.

(5) Some radio station in US falsely announced in 2003 that rapper Eminem would be doing a free show in a discount store parking lot. Several police were needed to deal with traffic gridlock and enraged listeners who threatened to harm the DJs responsible. Both DJs were later jailed for creating a public nuisance. Also, a radio station in Boston announced that Pearl Jam was having a free concert in a fictitious city in New Hampshire. A gas station in New Hampshire reported that several streams of car drivers stopped in asking for directions to the fictional town.

(6) In 1998, UK presenter another silly radio station pretended to be British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and called the then South African President Nelson Mandela for a chat. It was only at the end of the call when Nic asked Nelson what he was doing for April Fool's Day that the line went dead.

(7) Facebook introduces LivePoke! Facebook will dispatch a real live person today to poke a friend of your choice. (offer good for only the first 100 pokers in each network)" Funny one. =p

What have you done toay to commemorate the occassion?


The Horny Bitch said...

The answer has been revealed. Pls check. Thank you.

khengsiong said...

No longer commemorate April Fool's Day after finished high school. Weighed down by reality :(

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