Friday, March 21

How old are you?

My department is full of ladies, mostly around my age. But somehow, my clique knows the age of everyone, except a particular lady.

Everytime she is asked about her age, she starts appearing dodgy. After all, age is one of the many many many secrets that girls have, isn't it?

Well, the more she tried to conceal the age, the more interesting it is for my curious clique to find out how old she actually is. After all, forbidden fruit is supposed to taste sweeter, right?

Within the clique, we did try to come up all sort of crap reasons we can to find out her age. Well, the best way to find out is easy, the IC number.

You see, the the first 2 numbers of the Singapore IC represent the year in which a person is born (unless you are born much earlier). Add to the fact that Passport numbers is equal to the IC number, all we had to do is to grab hold of one of these numbers.

The same can be said about our Malaysian IC.

The first 2 numbers stand for the year, and then the month and day of birth.

Anyway, the task had to go to one of us to investigate. And in this case, Limpeh was given the "sacred task" of finding the magic number, as I was comparitively closer to her than the rest.

Luckily for me, it didn't take much effort as a certain event forced us to key in the IC number in a shared Excel file.

And voilĂ ! The clique has plenty to comment about the magic numbers.

Just another day at the office, brightening the day with juicy information.

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