Tuesday, March 18

Photo blogs are yummy.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Malnourished kid from Sudan.

When it comes to surfing blogs, nothing attracts a testosterone-filled man than blogs filled with eye candy.

I used to be a fan of Xiaxue, way before she got all the fame, fans and haters. Now I personally feel there's way too much camwhoring and bitching on the site. And that's not very value-adding to a man running on borrowed time.

Anyway, I shall list below 2 of my favourite eye-candy Malaysia blogs.

(1) Nicole Chocoa Heaven.

Compassionate and adventurous, this globe-trotter has filled her website with tons of pictures of scenery and a fair share of camwhoring. Add to her list of achievements is the recent charity event she set up.
Its kind of weird why this lady is still supposedly single. Just settle for Kenny Sia lah. =p
But seriously, nothing makes a woman more feminine than long tresses and long dresses. This is the poster girl for our poor National Service (NS) equivalent guys back in Malaysia. Hmm... Malaysia's NS has females too. Never mind.

(2) Quaintly.Net

Pinkpau on the other hand, is a patriotic Malaysian who has damn powderful England. She speaks her mind, and spare no bullets against the discrimination that exist in Malaysia. Now that our Jeff Ooi has won an electoral seat, maybe its time for this lady to consider about it, say 30 years down the road.
Enjoy the power of youth. Don't be little Uncle Shingo T, old man liao. Can only stand one side and ogle at sweet young things. =p

Cominmg back, having a blog full of photos doesn't guarantee you sweet traffic. Everyone loves a website that is filled with updates and interesting contents. Something that Limpeh is trying to do.

Basically, if I link your site under "Regular Dosage", I will visit your site as often as I can. Not because I have to, but because I love reading for updates. Be it sneaking company-sponsored times during office hours, or right after checking my personal email at home.

So keep the updates coming, everyone.
To fellow bloggers Kheng Siong, Suspicious Man and HB, I had great fun reading your blogs, never mind that the 1st 2 of you are guys. Rest assured I will continue stalking ya.

I like guys too.
Oops. =X

About the Author:Shingo T wants the world to share with him more mouth-watering filled blogs.


Servidores said...

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khengsiong said...

Sigh... I wish I can be a globe trotter like the gorgeous Nicole you referred to...

When I was young, I'd got no money. Now I've got no time :'(

The Horny Bitch said...

and i love you too... hahaahahah

I started cam whoring too!

Shingo T said...

KS: The only way most of us get both cash and time at the same time is to wait for retirement, provided there are sufficient savings. ^_^

HB: Go go cam whore!

Anonymous said...

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