Sunday, April 20

Crazy Frog

About a few years ago, Crazy Frog, an animated Froggy made the air with his famous "Axel F" ding-ding froggy re-mix.

It was a pretty good remix, never mind that many peers found the irritating frog a ear-sore.

I snapped 3 of the albums that were subsequently released, and have been listening to them over and over again.

Luckily, I was able to keep my sanity, or so I believe.

The most known controvesy about Crazy Frog, other than the tug-of-war about whether its noise or great rap, and the over-playing of the song in shopping malls, was that the Froggy has been kenna complained for showing his d*ck on videos. Parents were afraid that the indecent exposure made it unsuitable for children.

From what I recalled, the video version in Singapore had Crazy Frog's "thing" chopped off erased.

Nonetheless, I thought the movies were petty well-done.

Not bad, for a crazy phenomenon that has its origins stemming from the voice of a 14-year old student, who was impersonating the sounds produced by internal combustion engines.

Dear Froggy, do come back soon.

About the Frog: The Frog says "Ding ding!"


The Horny Bitch said...

A grown up man fancy a frog. Sure sounds kinky...

jam said...

It becomes a noise if the music is so loud and played repeatedly.

Shingo T said...

HB: Haha. The frog's disgusting, but I thought the music's cute.

Jam: Just like food and medication, anything in over-dosage is bad for health. =p

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