Saturday, April 19

Miss Blunt

There is a particular colleague in the office that I find quite interesting. Lets just call her Miss Blunt.

It is my belief that every company should have "career suiciders". People who are not afraid to voice out to the boss any objections, from an objective point of view. And Miss Blunt is one who listens, take feedback from her teammates, and never shy of shooting down her boss suggestion which she do not think will work.

She is treated like a big sister here, despite her small physical frame.

Miss Blunt has the radio beside her turned on and sings in the office despite her so-so voice every now and then. And we do not mind because we know she is just being herself. Personally finds it pretty entertaining (in a positive way) when she tries to attempt the high pitch portions. ^_^

A joker herself, she is one who tell jokes while acting serious. And to me, these are the best kind of people who tell jokes, because you will sometimes be fooled thinking she really means it, only to slap yourself at the end of it for foolishly believing what she says.

When she talks to our China counterparts, you can hear how she tries to chat a little to spice up the conversation before moving on to her agenda. Not surprisingly, she has striked up good rapport with the overseas counterpart and is able to get win-win negotiations with them.

Singapore is a country where the working class do not have much to talk about with the cleaners. On a overseas working trip to China, she bought some medication back for the office cleaning lady.

A tomboy, Miss Blunt works hard but cheers everyone up.

With her straight-forward, warm and interesting personality, she really helped the peers to bond, making the office a great place to be in, no matter how busy we are.

About the Author: Shingo T thinks Miss Blunt should be cloned and placed in all organisations.


numbernine said...

Any relation to James?

khengsiong said...

Actually, the organizations should change in order to accommodate people like her. Too often, companies in Eastern countries are too rigid.

In the U.S., everyone in a company calls each other by their first names. In my company, many people call their supervisors (direct or indirect) 'boss'.

kula said...

hey, that sounds like me, just not the speaking up for subordinates part, since i dun have any under me :p

jam said...

I also like to joke while acting serious. Who is our guru? Mr Stephen Chow is the one!

Shingo T said...

KS: In my ex-company, I had 2 bosses. One will call me into his office when my help is required. The other comes to my cubicle and pat me on the back whenever help is required. Ain't hard to guess which boss I prefered.

Kula: You sing in office too for your colleagues to hear? =p

Jam: Stephen Chow rocks. On a side note, the kid in CJ7 has a potential to take over the guru.

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