Monday, April 14

The MRT Seat Snatchers

It is a common sight for residents in Singapore.
To see MRT commuters rushing for seats once the MRT door opens.

This phenomenon has being here for quite a while.
Never mind the "Stand behind the yellow lines" or unwritten "first come first serve" queueing system.
You can have everyone standing in order behind the yellow line, but some auntie or young lady will just cut in and stand in front of the door, to ensure that she's the number one entrant into the train.
And she typically won't look like one who really needs a seat - not pregnant, not old, not limping (Mas Selamat?), not anything that deserves a seat more than anyone queueing up.

When the door opens, all hell break loose.
Machiam like the royal rumble, its every man for himself.
Watch them do the sprint to a vacant seat, only to be disappointed when they ain't fast enough. Its a common sight to behold for all Singapore residents.
I'm sure the tourists and foreigners are "impressed" with our efficiency. ^_^

Its amazing that I don't see this level of kiasuism in KL.
Contrast our behaviour to Europe, no one seem to be that bothered about getting a seat.

Don't get a seat.
Get a life.

About the Author: Shingo T looks down on people who don't give up their seats to those who need it more.


The Horny Bitch said...

Heng. I take bus wo work.

khengsiong said...

We expect young guys to give up the seats to needy passengers, but sometimes thing is not so easy. Maybe a young guy is sick and really needs a rest...

Shingo T said...

HB: Bus got different set of problems bah. How's the stalker problem gg?

KS: Ya. Sometimes I feel like holding on to my seat on trains because of lack of sleep but there's some granny standing in front of me. The mind is willing but the body is weak.

sinJi said...

Yeah, always look for opportunity to give someone needed a helping "seat"... I practice this always:)

numbernine said...

I think in Europe you need to worry about having your pocket picked instead.

Joe said...

Not true abt KL,the rush at the train are really horrible as well. The crowd also block the entrance to the train before they open. Anyway, I think ppl that can give their seats to needy ppl are of course a good thing, but I agree with Khengsiong. Many a times, there are a other reasons not giving seats up. I personally hate that wo bao reporter who just snap a pix of an old man standing in the train where no one give him a seat. Unless he goes asking everyone the reason why they dun give their seats up, I think its unfair to assume that they are without a heart. I myself find situations where my leg injuries cannot allow me to give up mine and it's pretty unfair if ppl just assume that my character sux or snap a shot of me and place in it the papers.

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