Sunday, May 11

Happy Grandma's Day!

My Grandma had a few falls over the past few months. =(

For someone her age, shes about 80+ years old, and with fragile bones, every fall pose a detrimental health risk. The worst happened when she fell during one of her days when she was home (she lives with my uncle) and no one was around. She was on the floor helpless for a few hours before help came - and that's when my uncle returned home from work.

My Grandma has always been someone very close to me, having been my guardian during my primary school days.

I will say she's closer to me than even my parents.

Every now and then, there will be this scary thought that she will leave us sooner than we are prepared for. This insecurity scares me sh*tless. =(

This Mother's Day, my sister initiated a mass gathering at her house. We knew that age has caught up with her, and we want to make this a happy occassion for her.

I gotta admit selfishly, that I do not want to live the rest of my life in regret, at not spending enough time with her.

So Wifey and I went in Malaysia on Saturday. Very bad jam, but thats minor when you know why you are in this for.

I had a great time there, taking the opportunity to catch up with the other relatives. We would have otherwise meet up once a year - during reunion dinner.

I love to see Grandma smile. A mother of 5 children, and a grandmother/great-grandmother of many, this lady has brave through many years to directly or indirectly make us what we are today.

Happy Mother's Day to ya, Grandma.

Thanks for making me what I am today.
Please live long long and be happy.


khengsiong said...

Elderly people can be weakened a lot after each fall. Be very careful.

My grandma also fell down last year and now she is in a wheel chair...

The Horny Bitch said...

:) My grandma also suffered many falls recently..

Shingo T said...

Life sure is fragile, isn't it?

Get your bone density check today.

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