Monday, May 12

3 descriptive words

Miss Totoro and I were messaging each other today at work, something we do now and then at work while juggling our busy work duties.

And this little interesting conversation came on when I was asked to comment about my thoughts on certain colleagues.

To make things fun, I told her that I will give no more than 3 words to describe them.

My colleagues are all very nice people, so I guess there is nothing wrong posting my thoughts here.

- Serious but funny.

- Quiet and passive.

- Fast and good.

- Defensive but cooperative.

- Cooperative and helpful.

- Humble, always learning.

- Sharp and cooperative.

- Wear short skirts.

Wahahaha. ^_^


The Horny Bitch said...

Only the last ne don't have the word "and".

Spy@FIC said...

i wonder who's who!

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