Wednesday, May 21

The Ideal Adoption

There was once a happy family of sparrows.
They had only one problem - The family unit consists only of 2 sparrows. Thats the dad and the mum.

After trying for so many years to get a baby sparrow, the sparrow family finally decided to adopt a little sparrow of their own.

So the family went to the nearby orphanage to scout for the perfect little sparrow to be family member #3. When the nearby orphanage doesn't have exactly what they want, they moved on to the next orphanage.

Till they finally found The One.

A cute little sparrow with double eyelids, which is pretty a rare facial feature for a sparrow. They agree that this little sparrow (a female one) will grow up to be one fine chiobird. On top of that, little sparrow had a fine medical record, and was the offspring of 2 elite birdies.

The sparrow couple had many sleepless nights, because they can't wait till the day of the adoption.

As the day grows closer, the sparrow couple started to look around for baby bird clothings. Days passed happily with anticipation when the little sparrow will be a permanent addition - the last piece of their incomplete puzzle.

On the day of the adoption, the sparrow couple arrived at the famous birdielawyer services at BirdieTown (thats the capital of Sparrow County). And in front of the eyes of the lawyer , the witness and the little sparrow, they raised their feathered pen to sign on the dotted line, when suddenly....

The Little Sparrow let out a loud deafening fart that smells of durians. Mountainloads of durians.

Durians - Love it or hate it.

The couple dropped the pen, and fled for their lives.
Never to return to the same orphanage.

Leaving the little sparrow at the orphanage, blinking with her double eyelids.

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