Tuesday, May 20

Who is going to wipe your a** after you sh*t?

My office has a sweet little pantry, which is decently stocked up with biscuits and soft drinks. In a little known area above the kitchen, a sign reads as follows.

"There is no office cleaner to wash the cups for you. Please wash your own cups".

And on some mornings, I see common cups on the sink. I am presuming that whoever used the cup is waiting for someone else to clean up after him/her. For the cups to disappear from the sink by the end of teh day, it implies that someone is kind enough to part-time as the office auntie.

Its amazing how Singaporeans are excellent at reading but fail miserably at interpreting signs. Of course, this problem may not just be particular to this lovely island. But its just that I have been in this country for too long and have seen too much of such cases.

In a supposedly good idea to cut down on cleaners in the Ikea Cafeteria, Ikea in tampines (a one-stop do-it-yourself furniture stall) has signs asking their customers to clear their own trays into a designated area. And just look at the number of trays and plates strewn all over the tables there.

When choosing tables during lunchtime, we are sure to selectively pick the cleanest one. But what is the state of the tables after we finished our food? Same goes to choosing toilet cubicles and bus/MRT seats - we always choose a clean one.

Kudos however goes to dog owners. Most of them have those doggie bags to clear up the unsightly poo.

It is all a matter of discipline to wipe your own a** after you sh*t.

If not you, then who? ^_^

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khengsiong said...

Americans clear the tray after having meals in fast food restaurants. So Singapore has 1st world infrastructure but its people have 3rd world mentality.

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