Monday, May 26

Monkeying around

This is an old African fable.

There was once a man who found a little monkey as he was walking through a jungle. Seeing the helpless monkey sitting there without his parents in sight, the man took him home.

He fed and care for the monkey until it grew and grew.

The monkey has started to go a little rough with the man until the man a little buay tahan (cannot stand), and so he locked it up.

Time past quickly and by then the monkey has become a super hairy monkey - a gorilla.

The man continued to feed it until the gorilla one day became strong enough to break out of the cage.

The man was eaten.
(Don't ask me why gorilla eat people, its just how the fable goes)

As with every story, whats the moral behind this one?

The monkey represents a sin. It starts off harmless, and apparently incapable of causing any major harm. As you spend more time and effort on it, it grows out of your control till one day you lose yourelf to it.

Be it smoking, laziness, or any other bad habits.
Never overestimate the power of your own will.

Even if you have started, you can always choose to set it free before you lose yourself.

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