Sunday, May 4

What to do at Thailand

Long time back, I wrote an entry about the places I liked about Thailand.

Nicole has recently also wrote about what she likes about Thailand. Worth a read, especially since its filled with supporting pictures.

My recent trip to Bangkok reminded me that there were more to Bangkok than what the above 2 articles have written.

(1) Tutu rides, driven by Thais whom you will mistake as ex-Nascar drivers. To these guys' credit, they are good!
(2) Taking a boat trip down the famous Chao Phraya River, but the scenery makes me miss the boat trips in Venice, Italy.

(3) Temples that exhibit a charm of their own. After all, about 95% of all Thais are Buddhists.

Reading Nicole's entry make me want to visit their Skybar someday.

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khengsiong said...

I like elephant ride in Thailand :-)

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