Monday, June 2

Who suffers in a waiting game?

An accountant wanted to buy a house.
But he wants to wait a few years so he can save more and borrow less.
When the time comes to buy, the house has doubled in price.
This is price inflation.

A lady wants to see the world.
But she has no time because she needs to work and ensure everyone in the family can lead a decent life.
When the time comes to travel, her legs could no longer walk long distance without pain.
This is deterioration.

A man wanted to spend more time with his family.
But he has to travel all over the world as a CEO.
When the time comes to retire, his kids have their own family and no time for him
This is neglection.

Singles who believe in fate bringing their other half generally lack initiative.
But they don't feel there is anything wrong.
When the time comes when all his friends are married, the unlucky few may just be left on the shelf.
This is reaping what you did not sow.

Quoting Robert Kiyosaki, "If you are afraid of risk, start early".
One is capable of achieving a higher success rate if he starts it today.

Not tomorrow.
Not the day after.
Not never ever.


Hopeless said...

I'm not waiting but also suffering.. u have anything for that?

Shingo T said...

Don't wait for the suffering to end.

Cure it.

In life, sh*t happens to us,
sometimes not within our control.

What we can control however, is how you want to react to it.

Why choose to suffer when there are many other happier things you can look at?

Life has endless possibilities, choose your own destiny. ^_^

The Horny Bitch said...

Who suffers in a waiting game?

Shingo t who have dozens of advertisements and waiting to cash out. Haha.

Hey, u have dozens and I only have 1. :(

khengsiong said...

Very well said.

I was wondering whether I should go travel, given that airfare has increased. But I guess I need to do that before I am too old to walk.

numbernine said...

I got something to say about this but I will tell you tomorrow.

sinJi said...

Fight what we want to...even if fail, but no regret.

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