Wednesday, September 17

US Trip (Part 1) - No standard.

Reached US in one piece. Blogging one quick post in my hotel suite before I continue to rush my report.

Aircon here is freezing, and the aircon controller says 70 degree celsius.

Ok, it never state the units, but I'm kind of used to temperature stated in degree celsius. =X

Is it in farenheit? Whats the celsius --> farenheit (or whatever) constant again? Damn, I returned all the secondary school science back to the teacher.

And on the way here, the signboard says 1.75 to a partcular town.
What's the unit they use in US?
Miles? Kilometres? Or light-years?

POOK, why can't the whole world learn to standardise their units?

Gotta start rushing, but I swear theres plenty to blog about.

Miss everyone back home, especially Wifey.
I love you.


smonkey said...

US should adapt to the metric system instead of inconveniencing the rest of the world by hanging on to imperial units.

kula said...

70 degree farenheit == 21 degree celsius~

And US uses miles...

1.75miles = 2.8km... well, as a consolation, it's less than a 5km run :p

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