Sunday, September 14

Random Notes 30

(1) I will be away tomorrow for a business trip in US, and will only be back in a week's time. Last I checked, the hotel suite prepared has "high-speed" internet connection. Hope I will have some time to do blogging. Will have to alternate between US office in the day, and rushing reports and night, so this will not be a vacation. I will only have time to breathe on weekends, and hopefully snap some good pics and even shop a little for Wifey.

(2) Buying clothes for Wifey is never my forte. I am better at all other things.

(3) Its amazing why no furniture company tries to duplicate Ikea, the Swedish innovative yet affordable furniture store (at least from what I see). Ikea hould change their motto to "Feel just like home."

(4) Its also amazing how renovation companies can charge S$300 to make and mount a piece of 150cm x 35cm rectangular wooden plank and claim that "if discount more, then no more money to make". Ikea sells it (without the mounting) for between S$100-S$200.

(5) Walls have no ears, but people have mouths. And thats why we have gossips.

(6) The real name of the lead girl for the drama hit Ugly Betty is called America Ferrera. You know, that gal with the braces and unkewl image. So am I correct to say that "America is Ugly?" No offense intended, only a lame pun.

(7) Pigs can fly. They just choose to do so when the people are asleep. And someday they will take over the world.

(8) Stray cats are found in Singapore, stray dogs are found in Malaysia.

(9) There is a Chinese saying that goes like this. "I ate more salt than the rice you ever ate". It is a saying that depicts the experience of those who are older and supposedly better seasoned. The next guy who tells me this will get my reply as follows. "If you really ate that much salt, you better be careful of kidney failure".

(10) The amazing human body has 2 main detoxifying organs, namely the liver and kidney. Be good to them, as the failure of one will inevitably cause a butterfly effect to your entire body, leaving you in a world between live and death.

(11) I should dig my nose less in public.


The Horny Bitch said...

Don buy clothes for Wifey.. Buy Coach or Kate Spade bags.. Heh..

Shingo T said...

Haha, thanks. :)
The place I'm going to is supposedly quite ulu. Hope there's a good place to shop.

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