Tuesday, September 23

US Trip (Part 3) - Half a pace, twice the life

After a week of absence from Singapore, Limpeh is back.

For those wondering which part of the States I went to, I was at the state of Colorado. In some secluded ulu place surrounded by mountains and grasslands.

The pace is so much slower. The company I went to was very much relaxed. They have a table soccer table, basketball court, food and drink vending machines, and free stuffs to just take from the shelf.

Flexible work hours + More relaxed environment = Happier & more willing employees?

When you feel less constrained, more empowered with responsibilities and get more motivated, will you end up doing a better job?

Work aside, I was told that Colorado has the same population as Singapore (to be verified), but many times bigger. Which means plenty of land space for everyone.

Buildings are spaced well apart from each other. Which also makes walking a pain. People there travel around in cars (obviously), and buses come in frequency of 1 hour. Zzz...

Being unable to drive, I waited for a bus, missed one and had to wait for the next hour. Almost got late for the plane because of that. But it was hell of an adventure.

There's plenty to blog about the US trip, but I just wanna emphasize on the pace.

Walk half a pace slower, and appreciate life double the amount!
(Singapore is #1 in walking speed, in a survey done a few months ago)

Why rush your life?

I talked with a Singaporean who has relocated to Colorado, US. And he was adamant that he will not be going back to stressful Singapore. Its not hard to see why.

One of the highlight of my trip was to visit the house of my American-Filipino colleague. She stays in the outskirts, in a little farm surrounded by mountain. Home is a house with a garden, 2 huge hyperactive dogs and a peace-loving cat, and lots of animal hair. =p

Lovely, isn't it?

Fresh air.
Houses for the price of a small Singapore condominium.
No frustrating traffic jams.
Lovely sunset and sunrise.
Environmental-friendly initiatives (recycle bins are EVERYWHERE).
Clean place (and you don't even have to put "No Littering" signs).
Skiing, trekking, whitewater rafting.

And just yesterday, Wifey was told to go US to work for 3 weeks starting next week.
But she's going to California. More shopping but probably less relaxing place compared to Colorado. (Better monitor my credit card bills)

Oh well.

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khengsiong said...

I spent some time in Southern California. The gridlock was just amazing. Plus, the distance I covered was much larger, so I could easily spend more than 2 hours driving.

Gas was cheap those days, but not anymore. It was around US$1.50 per gallon, now twice as much.

Still, I love the weather of Southern California. And, as an English speaker, I easily integrated into the society.

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