Sunday, October 19

Wifey's birthday 2008

My Wifey returned to Singapore (from her US working trip) on the same day as her birthday.

Expecting her to be jet-lagged and really tired, I played as much video games as I could the night before till the wee hours. Not because it was my "last day of freedom", but because I wanted to get myself really tired the next day. This way, Wifey and I can doze off together when we get home, before going to dinner at night.

After all, the naughty girl has worked till 2-3 am on most of her working days in US, rushing her work even when she is back at her hotel room. =(

Side note: For those who envy others going for overseas working trips, there is really nothing much to. Working overseas and having a vacation overseas are totally different matters, especially if you have to catch up on work and emails after office hours.

Anyway, when I finally get to see my Wifey for the first time in close to 3 weeks, she was bubbly as before. Apparently, she had a good long long long sleep on the plane, to the point when her colleague commented to her that “Whenever I look over to see what you are doing, I always see you sleeping on the plane.”

Wifey’s getting energetic, all ready to go for her birthday, and there I was. Feeling drowsy, and all ready to take a nap. =(

Apparently, I did not plan any program for the birthday girl (except a dinner), because any plans would have been potentially scrapped off by her jet lag. So we unpacked her luggage, and showed me the photos of her trip. As I see the static images one by one, I was hypnotized into a trance – I was falling asleep.

So I excused myself and asked for a short nap, which my Wifey obliged by napping too, even though she was not tired.

I woke up 2 hours later, close to evening time, and tried to “resurrect” my Wifey. It’s time to go for our birthday makan liao.

6pm, couldn’t get her up. She was too tired.

Gone case.
I knew she will sleep till the next day.

So I woke her up again, gave her the birthday present and the card a few minutes before the clock struck twelve. She went back to sleep without opening the present and reading the card.

And there it goes, the birthday celebration of 2008 for my Wifey.

I went back to sleep with Wifey, without a dinner bite.


Kikey Loo said...

that's a special birthday. :p

I can tell she is so so tired!!

wish her Belated Happy Birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

aww.. the part about making yourself tired so that u can doze off tog with her is soo sweet!

Shingo T said...

she should have read your comments by now. Thanks! ^_^

It was also a lame reason on my part to play more computer games. =p

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