Wednesday, October 15

An enviable guy

His father was into the construction business, building several prominent buildings in the City area.
When he was 15, he helped his father out with various calculations.

He is a fully certified accountant.
But he spends his time trading options on a full-time basis, using numerical probability to boost his chances of making the right choices.

He started a interior designing company with a friend, because designing is something he loves.
His friend runs the show, he just comes in and help here and there.

He has multiple sources of income.
But he is not arrogant of his achievements.
Nor is he spendthrift nor stingy.

The only thing he's willing to spend more on?
Is to fly around the world to watch F1 races with his like-minded buddies.

And sorry ladies, he's married too.

For someone to achieve so much before the age of 30s, and yet enjoy life doing what he wants, I thought he had already led a meaningful life.

It really goes to show that one create his own meaningful path if he sets his mind to it.
And not the people who watches TV or play video games whenever they have time to spare.

There was once I recalled the year was 2001.
Then, I had a long dream, dreaming of stuffs that repeat over and over again.
A dream that is largely blank or hazy.
I was in the middle of the mist, hesitant to move around.
Lack of visibility creates insecurity.

And then I woke up, back to real-life, with an unshaven beard.
And woah, its year 2008!

My dream was 7 years long.
Should I go back to sleep again?

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