Wednesday, November 12

Your school photos are here!

Some time back, I told numbernine that I have pictures of Eunice Olsen in school uniform.

I was serious, because it turns out that she was in my junior college year book. Yup, the irresistably yummy Shingo T had probably brushed shoulders with Eunice Olsen during his school days. And hey, maybe Eunice was one of those ladies back in school who had a secret crush on me. As if. =(

So I jokingly offered to sell the photos to Numbernine, which he politely refused even though we all knew he want a piece of her.

Haha, those good old days of joking and working at the same time at my former company.

Anyway, it ain't too late to relieve those school days. There is a website that manage to get a copy of ALL the school annual book photos in the world. Don't ask me how they got it. You have to see to believe!

The website is here, special thanks to the friend who sent me this.
World School Photographs.

Have fun finding yourself.
You will be amazed!!!


Anonymous said...

damn. i fell for this.

The Horny Bitch said...

Same JC? Same age with her? heh.. Can count liao..

Shingo T said...

Me uncle liao. But I like to believe that man are like red wine, the charm comes with age.

numbernine said...

She's a little flat. Comes from ACJC? Like the school motto, the breast is yet to be.

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