Tuesday, December 9


I have always been convinced that I am different from the others.

Quoting from Mr Sniper, "Its not because I am different, its just that you guys are just the same."

Today, I realised that I am gifted. I have managed to unlock another hidden potential that I had. I can teleport!

Behold the new guy who can stop time and space - me!

And so the story goes. I was on my way to work on a weekday morning, taking the regular MRT train to work. You see, there are 2 MRT train stations I can alight to walk to my office.

(1) Station A is the station I alight at when I am early and already had my breakfast. It is my preferred station because there are free Today newspapers I can take, other than the fact that this is a very lively station with chiobus in office attires.The only downside is that I need to do a train transfer at the Dhoby Ghaut MRT.
(2) Station B is the station I alight at when I am going to be late, or have breakfast at. It does not require a transfer of trains at the train interchange.

On the day, being a little late, I was planning to take the MRT straight to Station B. I was doing my regular newspaper reading on the train, focusing on the business section and the Thai politics. Have been paying sharp attention to these 2 sections these days, as they are very relavant to me.

Being so engrossed in reading the papers, it suddenly dawn on me that my MRT have reached Station A (instead of Station B). Since when did I alight at Dhoby Ghaut MRT, take an up-escalator, travel on a travellator (horizontal escalator), and then take a down-escalator to transfer train?

I tried my best to recall, but had completely no idea that I transferred train.

My conclusion - I must have teleported.
Either that, or it must be me sleeping late (12.30am) last night, and getting too engrossed on reading.

Heck, I am leaving the workplace at 6pm sharp today.
And reach home by 6.02pm.

Behold the new Jumper!

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