Monday, December 8

Housework is yum yum!

Have I told you guys that I have moved to my very own flat?

Limpeh has formally joined the league of gentlemen who does housework at home.

Alas, where are the good old days when a man's duties is to earn money to uphold the keep?
You know, those days when the woman brings the slippers, ensures the house is clean, cooks and make babies?
(I'm MCP, so sue me. =p)

My Singaporean friends who have been to the National Service used to say NS is good because it turns boys to man.
Well, having your own house also has a similar effect, except that it permanently change you to a man.

Being MAN does not mean you have muscles, do pullups and carry rifles. Being MAN means you keep the family alive and happy, and make their life easier. Most importantly, MAN does not make a woman cry (except in happiness).

The house (and the wife) are permanent responsibilities. When you move out from your parent's house and live on your own house, you are pretty much left on your own. For those people who are used to leave the housework to their parents, they now have to learn to change the bulbs, mop the floors, wash the toilets and do their own laundry.

You pay the water, electrical and gas bills, and thus become more mindful about switching on unnecessary lights, turning the aircon as and when you like it, and wasting water.

The change has been easy for me. I love my humble backgrounds. ^_^

Well, we have set aside part of Sunday to do the house chores together.
And what makes it so fun?

(1) I get to do my housechores shake my head non-stop and dance while listening to my dance CD collection.
(2) This is a good communication exercise with Wifey. We get to negotiate minor decisions. Trust me, it helps to build up rapport and trust, and enables better conflict handling in future.

As I have always emphasized,
You can’t always decide what will happen to you, but you can always decide how you want to react to it.

You may not love to do housework.
But do not hate doing it, because the moment you have the negative mindset, you will dread housework days.
Weekdays you look forward to weekends, and weekends you don’t look forward to housework.
How can like that? How to be happy?

Housework is here to stay. Whether you love it it hate it.

So now sing along with me, boys and girls, to the tune of that Magadascar song.

I gotta move it.
I gotta move it.

Now shake your booty to the left, and to the right.
Grab that mop up and wiggle it around the floor.
The floor is not just dirt and dust, it’s a glamorous dance floor.


On a side note, do you think that a man who does housework at home ooze of SEXINESS?
I like to think so, because who doesn’t love a man who sweats to help her out on menial tasks?

So tell me, am I sexy?

About the Author: Shingo T will like to apologise to all the ladies in the world, because the most eligible MAN has been married to the most fortunate Wifey.


khengsiong said...

"MAN does not make a woman cry (except in happiness)."

This is a good one...

Having been living alone, I am also used to doing household chores.

The Horny Bitch said...

Hahahha! It's ok. No need to apologise. Anw I dunno how to leave comments at the latest post. Click here n there no comments pop-up...

My guess is u take red line to purple line to outram or chinatown?? heehee Tell me I am such a clever girl!!! hehehe!!!

Shingo T said...

Living alone at such a young age, cool!

HB (aka Clever Girl):
Oops, I accidentally disallow remarks for that post, have since fixed it. Thanks! ^_^

Red line to purple line, good guess. But it could also be the other way round. Either way, if I tell you, I have to kill you. =p

Nat said...

You have a choice to do chores or live in squalor. Guess I chose the later. Well, congrats on the move.

Shingo T said...

Hey Nat,
haha, pros and cons, I guess. =p

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