Sunday, January 4


According to Wikipedia, a pescetarian is a person who eats any combination of vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans and fish or invertebrate seafood.

And Limpeh is into my 2nd week of being one.
No chicken, no pork, no duck, no other funny animals in my diet.

So why the sudden change, you ask.
(1) I ate quite a lot of unhealthy food during my vacation in Hong Kong. Time to do a minor detox for the body.
(2) Some months back, I made a personal bet to myself to reach a particular target. Well, I didn’t make it and was supposed to go on a “meatless” diet of 1 month to punish myself. So here I am, living up to my end of the bargain.

So here I am, being a pescetarian for a period of one month. Will start consuming meat again at Chinese New Year’s Eve.

How’s life as a pescetarian you may wonder.
Painful. Not because I can’t consume poultry, but because of the lack of food choices.
going around the kopitiam, you realise that almost every stall sells meat. And only a few stalls for me to choose from.
No chicken rice, no loh mee, no curry chicken noodles, no fishball noodles (they have very small pork in it),

So I ended up eating “vegetable” rice (cai4 fan4) almost every meal, with the occasional carrot cake or vegetarian food.

A Pescetarianism diet is scientifically proven to help in memory problems, which is something Wifey can vouch that I need. This is due to the Omega-3 oil found in these food (not to be confused with Omega-6, which does the complete opposite).

So ya, Limpeh is less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia for this month.

Anyway, this challenge will start off my 2009 New Year Resolution, which I will share with you guys soon (so as to keep myself in track).
Life is an ever-learning process, and setting targets will make me realize my goals easier, and sooner.

Have a great new year, everyone!
May your life be blessed, and be kind to both animals and friends.


Nat said...

Interesting... I personally find that the lack of choices takes ones attention away from food. Once the "finding food" problem is neutralised, you will find more effective use of the time.

Go the whole hog and drop the rest of the animals too...

Shingo T said...

Was reading an article about many vegetarians lacking essential fish oil in their diet. Which is one of the main benefits of going Pescetarian.

But hey, I'm only gonna do this for a month. I'm a bloodlusting carnival after all.

It takes great discipline to be like ya, bro.

khengsiong said...

I learn something new... Before this I only knew 3 types of vegetarians:
- vegans
- vegetarians who consume egg
- vegetarians who consume dairy products

Somehow Chinese vegetarian food can be too oily to be healthy, so be careful...

spy@fic said...

no fishball noodles (they have very small pork in it),

It's MINCED MEAT my friend.

Shingo T said...

Ok, you win, you win. =p

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