Thursday, December 18

Fly away

Limpeh's going for holidays, and will thus be unable to blog for next few days.

In the meanwhile, take good care of yourself, children!

Merry Christmas to ya!

If you drink, don't drive.
And if you drive, keep your eyes on the road, not on the chicks!


khengsiong said...

I don't drink, but keeping the eyes on the road is not easy (-_-")

Josephine said...

wah lau!
Go holiday wor.
so envy ler...

Shingo T said...

haha. =p

My company had a shutdown for a few weeks, but deduct my annual leaves. So nothing to envy about. You can go for you own vacations too!

Josephine said...

Glad that u are back.
I cannot go for such a long holiday cos i just joined this company. But planned to go Bali in March, and CNY i take 3 days leaves, so will end up having almost 9 days OFF. Wuakaka, so happy....

Shingo T said...

Good for ya. Enjoy life while u are still young.

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