Monday, February 16


How did everyone's Valentine's Day go this year?
For those of you gals who are unattached, my buddy Mr HonestFace is still up for grabs! Oh ok, that was irrelevant to this post.

Wifey did the Valentine's Day preparation this year, which was good news for me since I don't have to do the last minute frantic search for a programme.

So Wifey brought me to the open-air hawker centre (old Satay club?) beside the Esplanade for dinner. Hmm... so the Wifey has finally learnt to thrift? I smelled a rat, because on top of that, she insisted I wore something more formal to go out celebrate.

As expected, the main program was after that. The naughty Wifey brought me to Esplanade after dinner (incidentally Esplanade library was the place I first held her hands). And then she proceed to bring me to the Esplanade concert halls.

And guess what the surprise was?
She bought us tickets for the show BreakOut!

BreakOut! Is a extreme dance comedy put up by some fun-loving Koreans breakdancers. The main actors are dressed in prison attire, and tells the story of prisoners breaking out of prison, and what happens outside the prison walls. Words alone do not do this play justice, you have to watch to really feel it.

The show was full house, you can even see kids and old people coming to watch the performance. Luckily the smart Wifey got the tickets before Chinese New Year – the Wifey always proudly compares how she plans her surprise way in advance. But hey, I don’t see her planning her savings plan so early in advance. =p

Hip hop.
Slapstick comedy.
And even beatbox!

The beatbox parts were particularly impressive. It’s my first time seeing a live performance, and seeing 2 people producing sound effects with their mouth, fast and furious is THAT DAMN COOL.

And what’s my favourite part?

Pretty Korean ladies in nurse uniform doing breakdance!!
That’s SEXXXYY taken to a whole new level.

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numbernine said...

What is it with the Esplanade library? I asked a friend of mine how he snared his wife, he said something about watching fireworks from the Esplanade.

Is it subconscious since the Esplanade is shaped like a pair of balls?

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