Monday, May 25

Buy low, sell high - Singapore style

These few weeks, I have been reading alot about Singapore's government-linked investment vehicle, Temasek's "infamous" long-term strategy, and how Temasek selling off its stakes in the Bank of America (BoA) deal at the "lowest possible price" will go down to be one of the biggest fund losses in Wall Street’s history.

I have attached a link with stock charts to show the buy and sell price of Temasek's BoA stake.

Under the Willow Tree

Note that this post was not meant to mock Temasek, nor Singapore. To Temasek's credits, it holds a pretty impressive returns over the past years. I was just surprised about the tactless comments they make to defend their decisions.

Make a decision and live with the consequences, but more importantly, learn your lessons. And learn better PR skills.


Josephine said...

Another Singaporean style - Buy toto!
Toto == small invest, big return! lol

khengsiong said...

Temasek's purchase of Thailand's Shin Corp was also a bad decision.

I think Singapore government should privatize Temasek. It has to trust the people, rather than telling them what to do.

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