Tuesday, May 26

Too young to waste, too old to do.

There are some things that I can have PLENTY of time to do when I retire, so it make sense that I spend less time on them.
(1) Chasing drama serials on TV.
(2) Surfing the Net for hours.
The list goes on and on.

So what should I be doing? Things that I have to do now before I get too old, or stranded with commitments.
(1) See the world while my legs are still willing.
(2) Learn more dancing.
(3) Finish a marathon.
(4) Start my own business.
The list goes on and on.

We only live once. Get the priorities right.


azhar nadhir said...

I wan to "how soon" my parents before it is too late!

Josephine said...

Sorry Wrong account. Ignore the azhar nadhir account....

vincent2903 said...

thanks for reminding me...

khengsiong said...

Definitely want to see the world. Wish I can start my own business too, but am afraid of the risk :(

numbernine said...

Here's a handy guide for marathon training.

And here's a different take on what running a marathon means.

I advice you to go for the sundown marathon because std chartered is crowded, and if you start at 5 you will end at noon assuming you haven't died of heat stroke.

Shingo T said...

Haha, go poke and nag them.

No prob. I sometimes have to remind myself too.

The business portion is something you can take time to think about. Just don't take forever.

Thanks bro! Someday, I will complete a full marathon, just like you. Let me stick to another half marathon for this year. ^_^

numbernine said...

Good luck. Dun walk if you can run.

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