Tuesday, June 9

Don't call me lucky.

How do you feel when someone says you are a lucky person?

"You are lucky to win the Toto jackpot."
For me to win the Toto first prize, well it doesn't really matter what people say. I'm already in my own world planning what to do with this whirlwind fortune.
That said, luck plays a REALLY big part, though it is common sense that to strike the Toto, the first thing you have to do is to buy a ticket. Buying more increases your chance, other than that its up to the Man above to decide your fate.

"You are so lucky that you were born in a rich family."
Complement? Not really. I see that as a degrading term, a "you wouldn't have made it so far without a spoon in your mouth."
It takes NO SKILL to be born rich, only SKILL (and luck) to be rich. I have a friend born in a very rich family, and naturally who inherited a CEO position of a supermarket upon university graduation. It gave him a good start in life working on bigger things in life, while most of his peers were working from the foot of the hierachy.
You probably can sense some sour grape, hey I don't deny that. ^_^

Luck and skill are essential ingredients to a successful life.
And "successful" doesn't neccessarily have to be monetary, it could be your love life, your satisfaction in life, your popularity, the respect you get and so forth.

A person with no luck and no skill is a complete loser.
If Lady Luck doesn't shine on you, the last thing you should do is to sulk, not work on the skills, and end up with a self-fulfilling prophecy - fail to try, and thus destined to fail.
You can't always control what Life gives you, but skill is something that can be built on. You got to work on your worse enemy - and that's you.

A person with luck and no skill is a lucky gambler.
You can throw a "6" on the dice consecutively for a few turns, but sooner or later, your lucky streak will break. And that is when your lack of skill will show.

A person with skill and no luck is a guy who overestimates his capabilities.
I always believe that with the correct skills and mindset, ANYONE can be successful.
The more failures you make (blame it on "bad luck"), the closer you are to success. People who are successful tend to be those who failed more attempts than others, thats how they hone their skills to perfection.
I'm sure you have read about people who used to be bankrupts but are now a millionaire. So if you didn't used to be bankrupt, why aren't you better off than a millionaire?
Even the "most brilliant man" in the world has something to learn from.

A person with skill and luck is what I call a successful guy.
I have often seen ugly not as handsome guy holding the hands of a cute girl or hot babe. Well, you may not like him and think he's just lucky, but the truth is he got skill, and thats why he's lucky.

In short, my advice is this.
Do not waste time envying others for their luck.
Do not feel depressed on having low luck yourself.

And the skill wiill bring better luck.


The Horny Bitch said...

I am lazy, not very pretty, have a bad temper and poor. I strike $20 at the last toto. Am I lucky? :(

Shingo T said...

Lucky to win, yes.
Just not lucky enough to win big.
But at least you have age on your side.

khengsiong said...

Can we change our luck by praying?

numbernine said...

Yes. Forget about luck and work on skill.

Don't buy 4D or Toto. Bet on football instead.

Shingo T said...

I think its easier to change luck by believing than by praying. ^_^

You gonna make a career out of football betting?

numbernine said...

I don't know. I don't know if fat boy makes a profit out of football betting, but I don't think he suffers great losses.

I'm only trying to prove my theory is correct. What I do with it, maybe you have some suggestions? But the returns, while positive, are a little meagre, unless I bet 10 times more than what I'm currently doing.

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