Monday, June 22

Welcome to the club, bro.

Last night, Joe (my pal of many many years), our clique and I went for dinner. It was supposed to be a bachelor's night for Joe. And I was the organiser. Wifey had initially suggested me to engage some sleazy strip dancer for him, but I thought the price was a little way too steep.

So we ended up having a guys only, simple vegetarian dinner (one of our friends is a vegetarian). And had a drink in Villa Bali (in Gillman Heights) after that.

Just a few of us guys doing some male bonding, without the other halves. Was fun, but got home pretty late.

Today, Wifey and I will be attending Joe's ROM later. Here's me wishing him and Eel unlimited bliss in their upcoming (an inevitable) union. ^_^

Welcome to the club, bro.

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The Horny Bitch said...

Simi inevitable?! KNS la u!

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