Tuesday, June 23

Toilet reading.

How many of you people out there enjoy reading while in the toilet cubicle?

I do. Alot.
Be it at home, or in the workplace.

I always have a deep respect for the toilet cubicle. It is a man's cave for me. A place where I can seek solace, gain some inner peace, and do a little reflection on what I have done for the day, and what i will be doing. In fact, it is an inspirational place where I often come up with solutions in a flash.

However, days of reflecting in the toilet cubicle has passed, and I'm moving on to do reading in my little sanctuary. Just like those old uncles reading newspapers in the toilet, I enjoy doing reading either newspapers or printed articles.

While doing "big business" at home, I usually use the time to catch up on those unfinished newspapers. I always made it a point not to throw any newspapers that I have not finished reading. Which is why I am still reading news from months ago. Unread news is still new news to me.

When going to do this at work, its not easy to smuggle a newspaper into the toilet without getting unwanted attention. So I like to print short 1-page articles, fold them up and bring it into the toilet for a short 5-10 minutes reading. It also helps to bring my mind away for a mental break, and I come back to work on a clearer mind.

What do I read on? Bascially anything random. I have read about famous people (Donald J. Trump, Deng Xiaoping etc...), animals (Wifey hate ants), health topics (prostate cancer anyone?), motivational articles etc...

If I spend 5 -10 minutes read about 1 different thing every day, then after a year, there are about 365 things that I have read.

I always pride myself in being knowledgable about life's stuff. Readig makes me feel smart, and it boost my Mr Ego. =p

Anyway, it seems like guys are more likely to multi-task reading in the restroom as compared to gals. Is it because gals find this habit unhygenic?

So what shall I read today?


wrthofnino said...

This is a hilarious article because it is so TRUE! LOL

The Horny Bitch said...

No. Cos we like to get it over and done with. haha.

Kikey Loo said...

once i read a article said that not good to read when do "big business". but i am doing it also :p

Shingo T said...

Glad it brought you some smiles!

The ladies I know like to complicate simple matters. =p

Not good, due to hygiene reasons?

foongpc said...

I don't read in the toilet. I sleep. LOL! Ok, what I mean is sometimes in the morning, I'm so sleepy when I do my business in the toilet, I almost slept a few times!

My dad loves to read in the toilet. And spend like an hour in there!!

Shingo T said...

Falling asleep in the toilet may land you in deep shit. =X

I can never sit an hour in the toilet. Probably will get cramps in my butts and be unable to stand up.

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