Sunday, June 14

What you need to know about the environment.

(1) Why throw when you can recycle?
Better still, why recycle when you can re-use?
Or if you can't re-use, why not reduce?

(2) Plastic bags are over-rated.
And karma is under-rated.

(3) If dinosaurs were wiped out by meteorites, then human will be wiped out by garbage.

(4) Stop saying that you want to save the Earth.
Because what you are really want is to save yourself and your descendants.


khengsiong said...

Recycle also needs energy. Do you drive 10km to get the the recycle bins?

Well, I know public transport is great in Singapore, but here in Malaysia...

Josephine said...

agree with khengsiong!

wrathofnino said...

Every little bit helps, even though on the grand scale of things we find it hard to see how "little ol' me" could possibly be making a difference :)

Shingo T said...

khengsiong & Josephine:
Agreed. If recycling isn't accessible, then reducing and reuse will be better options, though I agree its not always possible.

Yup. Everything starts with me. ^_^

foongpc said...

Recycle-reuse-reduce. Hmmm, sounds logical but not possible all the time.

Plastic bags over-rated and karma under-rated? haha! I like this quote.

How sad for humans, at least dinosaurs die because of a giant meteorite!!

You are right? It's saving ourselves and our descendants, not really the Earth. If we can live on Mars, probably no one care about saving Earth that much : )

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