Tuesday, July 21

Best Airport to sleep in

Here's another first for Singapore - The best airport to sleep in.

Somewhere to go to should you run away from your house, or just can't simply afford a HDB flat. =p

Changi best for shut-eye
July 21, 2009

SINGAPORE - ON A shoe-string, stuck or just need some shut-eye? Avoid Paris' Charles de Gaulle at all costs, but embrace Singapore's Changi, according to a survey that rated the world's 10 worst, and best, airports to sleep in.

Dirty floors, filthy, overcrowded bathrooms, bird poo and biting insects were among the biggest complaints of the 6,200 travellers who took part in the poll, by travel website The Guide to Sleeping in Airports.

Charles de Gaulle was voted the absolute worst, followed by Sheremetyevo in Moscow, which one traveller called 'hell on earth'. In the third and fourth spots were New York's JFK and Los Angeles' LAX, while India's Delhi airport rounded off the top five worst airports.

On the flip side, Singapore's Changi was rated the cleanest and most comfortable airport to sleep in, followed by Seoul's Incheon and Amsterdam's Schiphol.

Wrote a poster, flyfresno, raving about Singapore's Changi airport: 'The airport is so clean that you could probably eat off the floor. All in all, best airport experience ever!'

Chimed another unnamed traveler on the website: 'My first experience at the Singapore airport was amazing - better than my house - free internet, video games. What else could a 19- year-old American traveller ask for?'

Oslo's Gardermoen and Hong Kong airport rounded off the top five best airports, which the site said travellers loved for the amenities, friendly staff and comfortable seating.

'Sleeping in airports is no longer just for the young budget traveller looking to save a few bucks,' said the website, which was founded by Canadian former travel agent and expert budget traveller Donna McSherry in 1996.

'People of all ages and vocations can now be seen stretched out on airport floors all around the world, whether they are there because of a long transit, flight delay or voluntarily to save money.' -- REUTERS

For a full list, please visit www.sleepinginairports.net


The Horny Bitch said...

I love Singapore Changi Airport.

Roxy. said...

Changi airport also a first for studying. The Starbucks there is quite quiet.

Shingo T said...

Well, you used to work on the plane, right? =p

Haha, ya. I think there are still signs at some of the eateries there saying that the seats are reserved for customers from what time to what time, so the students don't hog the seats at their expense.

foongpc said...

One thing I like about Singapore is the cleanliness! I don't mind sleeping at the Changi Airport if forced to! : )

numbernine said...

Bird poo what bird poo use the proper name, it is bird SHIT.

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