Thursday, July 16

Why girls should avoid the pool.

It's amazing what goes around the world. Read this.

Teen pregnant after ‘swimming in pool’By HAYLEY DOYLE
Published: 09 Jul 2009

A WOMAN is suing an Egyptian hotel claiming her daughter got pregnant - from using the swimming pool.

Magdalena Kwiatkowska's 13-year-old returned to Poland from their holiday expecting a baby.

Magdalena believes the teenager conceived from stray sperm after taking a dip in the hotel's mixed pool. She is now seeking compensation from the hotel.

A travel industry source said: "The mother is adamant that her daughter didn't meet any boys while she was there.

"She is determined to go ahead with the case."

Tourist authorities in Warsaw, Poland, have confirmed they received the bizarre complaint.


Nat said...

The story here is this:

If you are in Egypt and you fool around with a polish Girl, blame it on the swimming pool.

Silver lining everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like daughter snuck out after mum went to bed for the night ;)

Plankton McPlank said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Plankton McPlank said...

Tsk tsk, youngsters nowadays arh..


The Horny Bitch said...

like this also can ah?

Kikey Loo said...

haha.. LOL..

currently i swim twice a week, hopefully i dun get pregnant :p

numbernine said...

Next time use a tampon when swimming. Problem solved.

I thot chlorine kills sperm....

foongpc said...

The woman is suing the hotel? haha! How ridiculous! The court will throw the case out! : )

Shingo T said...

Hope you aren't getting any inspiration? =p

Exactly my thoughts. I'm wondering if the mum was really ignorant.

Plankton McPlank:
The last I recall, you are a youngster too. =p

Ya lor, its one of the weirdest claim I ever heard.

Get a pregnancy kit from your local pharmacy before it's too late. Afrain from swimming in anywhere but your bathtub.

They replace the chlorine with err... "milk"?

Just like there are weird court cases out there, there are also verdicts beyond the normal logic.

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