Friday, July 10


I have never been a big fan of Facebook.

I don't bother if people give me virtual presents.
I don't respond when people invite me for those silly games.
I don't waste time doing silly man-made quiz - to find out what kind of X-men/wrestler/superhero etc... that I am.

I guess I am getting "too old" to find joy in doing such stuffs.

However, recently I do logon to Facebook now and then to do some random surfing to see how my long-lost friends are doing now. Facebook is a good place to stalk people you are curious about.

My ex-pal who is now on his way to getting bald, is now a teacher in a girl's school. (Side note: I was told that handsome guys will not be chosen by MOE to teach in a girl's school)

And then there was this guy who I didn't quite like in JC (because he was quite cocky), but he's now a dad enjoying time with his kids. I'm happy for him. ^_^

And then there's the nerd who was supposed to be the top student in our JC (until he got a 'B' grade for his Further Maths), we always suspected he is now a gay, and apparently the pictures on his Facebook account are all photos of him and other guys.

There's a Chinese gal who used to speak in angmoh slang in school, and now married to a Westerner, and enjoying life in the US.

With Facebook, you get to see pictures of your long-lost friends' spouses, kids, find out about where they are working as, and basically get enough info to infer about what they have been working on since the last time you saw them.

Writing a blog has already eaten into my own privacy, so I refrain from posting anything about myself on Facebook. Facebook will continue to be a place I will go when I'm kaypoh (curious) about any of my friends. =p


wrathofnino said...

Facebook is like a curious little time capsule that you can open up and see what people from your distant past are doing... I consider it much of a novelty and nothing much else... oh yah, and a heck of a time-killer if you let it ;)

foongpc said...

I don't do Facebook. Not a fan of it. Don't intend to sign up for it. No time for it. Same goes for Twitter : )

spy@fic said...

i hate it when people post pictures of food. it's just food. eat it & it changes its form. what say take a picture THEN?

The Horny Bitch said...

I don't post pics of myself on FB but many ppl come and kaypoh me even on my personal account. It's tough...

Shingo T said...

Well, at least the addiction isn't as bad as a MMORPG. =p

Smart choice. No wonder you have time to do regular blogging.

Reminds me of the saying "Since we have to die anyway, why not die now?"

Haha, you have tons of fans. Its pretty scary sometimes, when you want to remain anonymous, but people tag you in their photos.

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