Saturday, July 11

My life is miserable beacuse I am poor

Despite China's massive growth story that the whole world knows, the rich-poor divide is still a huge issue that is not very often mentioned in the media.

Today, I share share a heart-wrenching tale about a China girl who was born in a poor family of the countryside. Though she managed to get an education in the city, live was very much miserable. And she's one step away from being someone else's mistress, if only she looked prettier.

May her sad story remain a reminder of how lucky we are. Somehow, people like us (from developing/developed countries) just have to find something to complain about, isn't it?

My life is miserable beacuse I am poor


foongpc said...

I guess people are never satisfied. We always complain, but if we think we are miserable, there are lots of people more miserable than us. So, I believe we should always be grateful no matter what our circumstances : )

Shingo T said...

Yup. We need to learn to compare against the less fortunate people, as opposed to the more fortunate ones.

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