Thursday, July 2

Names and you

Many many years ago, when I was still active on my gaming homepage, I got to know a guy with the nickname Zyzyfer. Why the nickname? Well, its something random that he came up with to distinguish himself.

For me, I have always used the same name for so many years.

Shingo Yabuki, from the "King of Fighters". That's where I got my nickname from.

Unfortunately, Shingo is a pretty common name in Japan. And so if you were to try seraching "Shingo" or "Shingo T" on the search engines, you probably won't be able to find my blog anywhere in the first few result pages.

Until the day I become a celebrity like "Xiaxue", I won't be able to own the name "Shingo" on the search engines.

But "Shingo" has been my identity for so many years, I can't possibly just change it.

Or maybe I should.

(1) Get a new name that starts with "A", which will put me on top of the chronological sequencing, when it comes to people linking to my blog.
(2) Get a name that is unique enough that I don't have to share my name with anyone else in the world.
(3) Get a name that is easily pronounced, so it will be readable.

Hmm... how about Alamakkk?
That rhymes with nasi lemak. =p


foongpc said...

Alamakkk? Haha! Then will your blog be all about nasi lemak and its varieties? : )

spy@fic said...

do u seriously wanna become " Hui Ge" - aka mediacorp's Alamak ?

Shingo T said...

haha, nope. Don't want to be blogging about nasi lemak while I drool on the keyboard.

If I can make as much money as Mediacorp's Hui Ge, I won't mind being called that. =p

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