Friday, July 3

Friday night is the night.

TGIF - Thanks goodness its Friday!
After a lethargic Friday at work, the clock hits 6pm and the office doors were open.... All the tired zombies kept their laptops and get ready to get a life. And I head for home.

Yes, thats right. Home. Alone.

Wifey's meeting a few of her friends to have a girl's night out drinking beer. So here's my perfect chance to get a few of my guy friends out. But after some consideration, heck, I decided to head for home instead.

Had my dinner alone. Actually, had dinner while watching TV, so didn't quite felt too lonely.
Ate my supplements.
Filled the kettle with tap water, and threw out the garbage.
And now I'm turning on some loud funky dance music while reading blogs.

And I'm enjoying some man's time being alone.
At least till Wifey gets back.

Like all food, too much of the same thing is not good for health.
Its GREAT to spend time with Wifey, but its also good to have a few hours to rediscover myself. You know, unleash the wild side of me!
So thought I'll just isolate myself for a few hours, before spending a good weekend with Wifey. ^_^

Friday night is the night.
Feeling alright, yeah yeah.

I wanna dance, but I'm pretty full. =(
So what do I do now? Hmm...



Okay, hope my Wifey comes home soon.

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