Saturday, July 4

There's something about that guy

There is a blogger who writes amazing stuffs. "Amazing" not in a sense that he writes about anything that is "Wow". But rather, he writes about normal stuffs , but its really interesting the way he puts it.

He begins every entry with the word "There's Something About".

I used to have fun stalking his blog, until one day, his blog disappeared. In place was a porn site or some spam site. For a while, I was like "Pook, some bastard hacked his site".

Well, after a period of absence, seems like he has dropped by my blog. And it ain't that hard to find back his blog again (long live blogger profiles), this time at a new location.

To make sure that I don't lose the link, I have added his site to my list of links.

Glad to see you back, bro!

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