Friday, July 31

Why your hubby should study in US

Some years ago, my ex-boss Blinky (aka the "common enemy") was sponsored by my ex-company to pursue yet another Masters degree at one of the prestigious US universities.

He went there with his wife for about 1 to 1.5 years, and came back with a wife and a newborn child.
Because the kid was born in US, he automatically gained US citizenship (or some dual citizenship). Which makes our colleagues wonder - did the company unknowingly sponsor him a trip to US to make a baby? Was getting another Masters really his intention?

To further our suspicion, Blinky spent about half a year more than his intended stay at US, as if to ensure that the baby will be born at US before he returns to Singapore.

Anyway, coming back to today, a female friend of mine will be going to US with her hubby, because her hubby will join a company that sponsors him to US. Familiar? Furthermore, the company is also throwing in a spouse allowance and a kid allowance if any. How awesome is that? ^_^

But ths friend of mine did admit her intentions about possibly having a kid there, partly for the US citizenship, and partly because she felt US offered hand on pre school education - Singapore pre school emphasizes on academic, while the US pre school offer a better childhood experience - planting, climbing trees etc...

Sounds good?
Definitely very tempting!


Missy Lynn said...

I know this might be totally unrelated to your blog post, but the girl dancing below your site meter is damnnnnn distracting! Hahaha!

The Horny Bitch said...

If I could I'll do that too, but with my old man I think it's S'pore or M'sia and the choice is OBVIOUS.

Roxy. said...

hmmm. a choice to think about. (:
After all,singapore is so focused and so competitive.

Cherish Tulips said...

They say US the land where you can pursue every possible dreams!DEfinitely yes for US if there's a chance!

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