Sunday, August 2

Rechoosing a career

My first ambition when I was in my kindergarten was to be a bus driver.
Then, I ignorantly thought that bus drivers had no boss, and could drive freely without the constraints of a office.
But thinking back, aren't those unreasonable and rude passengers more a pain in the a** for a bus driver, than his immediate boss?

When I hit secondary school, I wanted was to be a radio deejay.
I always thought its a cool job, speaking over the airwaves to tons of people. I guess I liked being a household name. But there was also one childish reason why I wanted to be a radio deejay - so that when my future wife hears me over the radio, she knows that I'm not out fooling around with other girls. Plain silly, I know.

After which, my next inspiration was to be a teacher.
I was pretty much inspired by my Maths teacher, someone who was very mother-like, humble and devoted to teaching. It influenced the subject that I took up when I went to university. But eventually, I decided not to go into the line, partly because kids and parents these days are tough to manage, gone were the innocence and obedience of kids.

Let me ask all of you a question.
Is it better to have a career in something that you are trained in?
Or better to do something that you have a passion on?

Ideally, it will be good to have both, being good in something and having the proper (paper) credentials to back it up.

Life is a process of self-discovery. Years ago, I will never have imagined myself to be anything near of a sales or service industry guy. But slowly, through various training acquired after I left school, I have grown to realise that my strength has been towards these areas.

Maybe I should have entered the hospitality industry. Or maybe a real estate agent. Or being part of a sales team. Alas, for me to move on to any of these industry now will imply a step back into square one. For a married man with financial commitments, the family income is a prime consideration.

I love my current job, but am pretty tempted to step out of the comfort zone and do something else I had always wanted to do.

Well maybe if I lose my job, the decision would have been easier. ^_^

Will you re-choose your career path if you could turn back time?


Kula said...

If I could turn back time, yes - but that would meant an entirely different path, and I probably won't be who I am today.

That's life, isn't it?

Roxy. said...

I am still deciding on my path and really confused. I have so many choices but dun know which one should i take.

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

Yes!!!! I will!!!

I would very much like to be a teacher!!!!!

Haha ... but well ...
seems a tad too late ...

spy@fic said...

if i can go back 8 years - i'd do sales - banking sales.
if i can go 14 years - i'd study harder & do law
if i can go back 20 years - i'll be really really rich.

but i do agree with u. If i lose my job, it may just very well put a catalyst on my other grand & unhatched plans. It may not be all bad! take heart.

Shingo T said...

If you could turn back time, then you probably won't end up with the current guy of your dreams, right? ^_^

You are still young, can still do trial and error. Just make sure you decided before you reach the age when its hard to switch.

Well, or you can always hatch sinister plans to take over the world. That does not require prerequisite other than a devious mind - you have that. =p

Alot of people have done mid-career switches to teaching. As long as you can tahan the horrible kids and parents in this generation, sure you can switch anytime. Haha.

spy@fic said...

ah yes. i'd hold the world for.... (drumroll) 1 million dollars!!!! muaha muaha muahahahahahahahahhaha...

Shingo T said...

Yes, you can hold Indonesia hostage for a ransom of 1 million rupiah. =p

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