Monday, August 10

Dating the Bella Twins

The Bella Twins are the first and only pair of identical female wrestlers in WWE (and maybe the wrestling world too).

Nikki and Brie Bella, no idea which is which.

And they are gorgeous. *blush*
Hey, just because I have ordered my food, doesn't mean I can't just browse the menu. =p

Recently, I read from the wrestling news website that in real life, Nikki Bella has gotten attached to one of the male wrestlers (Dolph Ziggler) in WWE.

What happens if the guy/gal that you are dating is part of an identical twin that you have problem differentiating the two? That will give rise to hilarious, or even disastrous situations. =p


khengsiong said...

It doesn't matter whether one can differentiate between Nikki and Brie. They are both gorgeous, right?

Ai Shiang said...

Hello Singo T, thanks for dropping by recently. Are you into wrestling stuff? I watch it once in a while, I think I saw the twin though but didn't pay much attention.

HappySurfer said...

I used to think wrestling is a cruel sport and believe no mom would want to see her son being man-handled that way. Then I started watching it and sort of got used to the antics after realising that it was only a show. Now, I hardly watch it. I find it boring.

Yeah, these ladies are good-looking.

Identical twins dating and getting confused in the process can definitely lead to some embarrassing moments, I should say.

keeyit said...

wrestlers ?

Wah, they are pretty.. Sure a lot of guys audiences.

Anonymous said... better make sure you're dating the right twin!

These girls looked more like models than wrestlers.

Shingo T said...

Yes, both are yummy!

Ai Shiang:
Wrestling shows are the only reasons why I subscribe for cable TV actually.

My mum forbid me to watch wrestling when I was young. WWE is still trying to rebrand itself into a sports entertainment show suitable for family watching, so they are cutting down heavily on stories that will cause bad influence.

I swear I didn't watch for the ladies. =p

Mei Teng:
If you look at most female wrestlers in WWE, most are modelling material.

numbernine said...

Random fact about identical twins: it doesn't matter which of them you impregnate because both of them have the same DNA. Conversely if one of them is your mother, then the aunt is also your biological mother because you also share half of your DNA with her.

Shingo T said...

You make it sound like its ok to impregnate the wrong twin. =p

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