Tuesday, August 11

A tree of cats

There was once a beautiful garden filled with flowers, and one single tall tree.
And there was also a resident dog, who lived in a little kennel at one of the corners in the garden. His job - to make sure no one steps into the garden.

One night, a stray cat entered this very same garden, and was playing around with the flowers. The dog who was asleep, woke up to the noise and chased the cat around the garden. Having nowhere to hide, the cat jumped onto the tree. And it kept climbing for dear life till it reached the top of the tall tree.

The dog tried climbing up the tree. But it couldn't, and so it went back to sleep.

The cat laughed at the dog's incompetence. But soon realised that it (the cat) has an incompetence of its own - it couldn't get down from that tree. And it may probably be stuck there for a long time.

One night later, a second cat walked into the garden to admire the flowers. And the doggie chased it until the cat was heading towards that tall tree.

The first cat on top of the tree was about to shout to the second cat not to climb up the tall tree. But it suddenly dawned upon him (the first cat) that some companionship will be nice. Why suffer alone when you can get others up the same tree?

And so the first cat kept quiet. And the second cat was soon up the tree, only to realise its folly soon after.

So there were 2 cats on the tree.

A few days later, the tall tree was filled with cats resting on the branches.

Each were thinking about how to get down the tree, while making sure they will remain quiet when the next cat meets face to face... with the resident dog.


Josephine said...

It reflected how human behave???

The Horny Bitch said...

all selfish one...

Mei Teng said...

I can see it in us humans...hahha.

HappySurfer said...

All CREATURES are alike.. hehe..

Shingo T said...

Hi All,
For every selfish story you read on the papers, there are alot more stories on generosity.

Have faith.

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