Monday, August 3

Dating lunches are good.

It's pretty sad actually, seeing real nice male friends being unattached. Not because they are not marketable, but because they never bother to market themselves.

Never rely on fate, because Fate has no KPI (key performance indicator) that obliges it to get you a girl.

May there be more dating lunches organised for those who truly deserved someone nice.

Check out:
>> It's just Lunch
>> Lunch Actually


syp said...

i was told that Lunch Actually will turn ungroomed people away.

Not sure how ungroomed u need to be to warrant a rejection but hey... it just goes to show that u need to market yourself in some way or other.

FAT spy@fic said...

ah. drats. my fat fingers. that was me in the previous comment posted.

keeyit said...

So? Have you been to the dating lunch?

Mei Teng said...

Did you attend one? How did it go?

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Shingo T said...

spy@fic with FAT fingers:
Dating is about first impressions. I think it will speak poorly of Lunch Actually's quality of singles, if they don't do this filtering.

Yes, but normally I initiate the dating lunches. Haha.

Mei Teng:
I have not been to such lunches. I just happen to get attached before I could sign up. And btw, nice blog. Keep updating, I'll be back! ^_^

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