Friday, August 21

Hansy and Gretsy

Once upon a time, there lived a poor mechanic in some part of Singapore. He had two children, by the name of Hansy and Gretsy. The mother of the children was dead as a result of the SARs virus outbreak some years back. =(

The mechanic subsequently remarried a lady with the most beautiful eyes, but with the most evil heart. And she hated the 2 children.

"This year the gahment no give us progress package. And the price of chicken rice and kopi has gone up again. The inflation is killing us", said the stepmother.

She added "There are too many mouths to feed. We must not let the kids burden us. We must let them leave the house forever. Only then can they be independent, and we can upgrade from HDB to condominium." She nagged and nagged the poor mechanic all day long. And also all night long.

Finally, the mechanic buay tahan (cannot take it) and sucuumb to her request. =(

So the stepmother bought two loaves of Gardenia bread from the nearby mama shop, and gave it to Hansy and Gretsy. And with an evil grin, she made the kids leave the flat, never to come back.

It was 2am at night. The wind was blowing. The moon shone brightly. And the grasshoppers were err... hopping.

Hansy, being the elder brother was quick to reassure his sister (Gretsy) that everything will be fine. They took the bread, and hand in hand, they left the flat.

At the bottom of their flat, Hansy had an idea. They can sneak back home every morning when the evil stepmother is at work. After all, they knew that a set of spare house keys were under the flower pot, outside the flat. They just have to make sure that they leave before the stepmother comes home.

So they just have to do a little walk walk around the neighbourhood till the stepmother leaves home at 8am. Venturing into the urban unknown was dangerous, as they did not want to get lost in the maze of HDB flats.

So Hansy asked Gretsy to drop bread crumbs on the ground. The trail will lead them home in the morning. Gretel stopped crying after hearing the AWESOME idea. ^_^

Bread in hand, they walked and dropped small crumbs along the way.

Suddenly they realise that someone was following them. Some kind of shadow with a broomstick in hand.

Gosh, was it an evil witch trying to cook them for dinner?

So the kids ran as fast as they could. Sensing that the kids were running away, the shadow started picking up speed and ran after them!

And don't look back! =(

Not soon after, Gretsy tripped over a cigarette butt and fell down. And Hansy had to stopped running to pull her up. By then, the mysterious shadow had caught up with them.

And the shadow turned out indeed to be a woman with a broomstick.

She looked them in the eye.

And she was clearly irritated.

Okay, change that to "She was damn pissed".

And she opened her mouth and said this.

"Hey, can don't anyhow litter or not? You kids these days always like dat one leh."

Hansy and Gretsy ended up doing Corrective Work Order (CWO).

By then, the trails of their bread crumbs were eaten by the neighbourhood birds. And they never knew how to get back home again. =(

Meanwhile, in the HDB flat, the evil stepmother was browsing through the brochure of the latest condominium. And she's happy.

The End.
(Well, at least someone's happy. So it's a happy ending!)

About the Author: Shingo T will like to remind everyone that littering in Singapore is an offense, regardless of your reason.


Anonymous said...

Hahha..a nice creative twist to the classic story!

Are you in the writing business? Can consider writing children's story books.

Josephine said...

good one!
enjoyed ur story!

Roxy. said...

What the! LOL

mrdes said...

Haha...can't say that I saw that coming...CWO? Haha.

Anonymous_X said...

You're talented! ;) Heh.

Cherish Tulips said...

I was getting excite to read the ending and then's a sad happily ever after..i don't like the stepmother..

Ai Shiang said...

Did you make that story up, well changing a bit here and there? I have to say I'm impressed :o).

Isn't it strange that you have to fine people so that they don't litter.

The poeple over here don't litter as much as those in Malaysia. The only time I see people throwing things will be cigeratte buds. Other than that, they all use the bins provided.

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...

lol ..
u mus be darn bored!!!!

funny one thou

Old Beng said...

>> Gretsy tripped over a cigarette butt and fell down

How to trip over a cigarette butt? * scratch head *

Shingo T said...

Mei Teng:
most of my stories do not come with a happy ending. Kids will cry if they read my books. =p

Glad you like it. Will write more as and when there's inspiration.

Roxy & mrdes:
Haha, good to see that you enjoyed the twist.

We all are talented. Anyway, this is probably just a one-hit wonder, my stories are typically boring.

Cherish Tulip:
At least someone's happy! Hehehe.

Ai Shiang:
I actually think this littering fine thing works out well to change the mindset of the people here. Even when I go back Malaysia, I also got used to throwing at rubbish bins.

Maybe I'm bored. But I wrote to make sure you all won't be, at least for a few minutes.

Old Beng:
I was wondering why no one spotted that little humour. Great job!

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