Thursday, August 20

You are awesome because I suck!

You are AWESOME!
Yes, that's right.
YOU, the reader browsing this post here.

You are AMAZING at what you do.
You may not know it, but many others around you do.
That also explains why you are probably employed.

Everyone has a forte, a skill, a mindset, or an experience that is invaluable, yet the very same people tend to underestimate the skill that they possess.

Skills that are "basic" to you may be "God damn difficult" to other people.

To the IT geeks out there, you actually fix the computers and figure out why my Internet doesn't work. And that's amazing for a computer hardware dummy like me. Tons of people are willing to pay to have their computers fixed within the shortest possible time. Well, I am one.

To my father-in-law who is an experienced electrician, he doesn't break a sweat when it comes to installing electrical wires in houses, shops or for big projects. He's so damn fast, all the people who know him get his help to rewire the whole house. And he does it free for us (but we tip him though). I wonder often why he doesn't start his own company sometimes. I like a rich father-in-law. =p

To the AMAZING cooks out there, you manage to cook food not just for the stomach, but also for the soul. Every day during lunch and dinner, tons of hungry workers troop to your eateries to take a good break, chit chat over the food that you cook. Most of us love you more than our bosses. =p

To the aunties who walks around in hawker centres selling tissues, personally I think your tissues are a little too pricey. But hey, at least you provide me an option should I really need them. I MISS you most when I'm having a runny nose and run out of tissues.

And then there's the bus drivers out there. You are one of the most unappreciated people in the world despite what you do. You silently protect the Earth by discouraging car driving. You work on such a long and tiring schedule, yet you maintain such a high level of safety record. You are the captain who's protecting the lives of so many many passengers. Most people complain about buses when they are late, but no one appreciates a bus for reaching the moment they walk into the bus stop. Well, know that at least there's a guy by the name of Shingo T who RESPECTS and LOVE you for what you do!

And don't ask me about kids. They don't seem to be very like Uncle Shingo T. Well, obviously my good looks (looks lie in eye of beholder, ok?) doesn't guarantee popularity when it comes to kids. =p And that's why Mums are AMAZING. Same goes for babysitters and the people who can create rapport with kids.

And the folks doing shift work. Not everyone can tahan night shifts. The last time I tried that, I fell asleep almost everytime when clock reaches 3am. =p KUDOS to the mighty night owls, what will we be if no one takes up these jobs?

And not to forget Shingo T himself. Despite so many things that I can't do, there are also many things that I can do! I can hiphop, make people laugh, mentor and inspire quite some people. And yes, I have a bullet-proof, gamma-ray deflective THICK SKIN too. Do not underestimate the power of my THICK SKIN. They are the very same weapon that generate marketing and sales in all industries.
*flex muscles flabby arm*

Now look at the people around you right now, be it the colleagues or family members. Each of them are blessed with a special power. The mum with her unselfish love, the colleague who cheers you up when you screw up at work, or the wifey who gives you hugs and companionship so you are never alone. If you didn't realise what special skills they have, then you probably aren't thinking HARD enough.

Be proud of what you can do.
Because there are people out there who will pay tons of money to acquire your expertise.

Your uberness make us look noobish.
Most of us suck at what you can do.
And that's why you, MY FRIEND, are AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

Nice post!

Makes me think of and appreciate the cleaners we have in the office. They help ensure the washrooms are clean everyday.

You do hip hop? ;)

Josephine said...

After reading this post.
I realized that i am actually useless.

♥ PrInCeSs ♥ said...


Be grateful for everything u have and everyone that u met!

Shingo T said...

Mei Teng:
I make friends with cleaners wherever I work. It's good to have someone in office to talk to, someone who doesn't talk about your work. =p

Yes, I love hiphop alot. And I love dancing on stage to entertain people. My thick-skinness will leave behind legacies.

You are an AMAZING wife to your husband. And a wonderful blogger. Just see how many readers you have (compared to my humble blog). Don't underestimate your capabilities. ^_^

Yup. Sometimes I thank God for having so many babes working around my office area. Haha. =p

foongpc said...

Thanks for this reminder! Really a boost to my self esteem! Haha!

Yes, everyone has his/her own special plus points and skills. Everyone is unique and special. That's why we must not look down on anyone and we must also appreciate the person that we are : )

HappySurfer said...

Ahh.. this is such a sweet post. Kudos! You can hip-hop? Wow!

So sweet, the way you mention about your thick-skinness and the legacy you'll leave behind. haha..

You are awesome, Shingo T.

Cherish Tulips said...

Reading this gives me happy thoughts!

Ju Ann said...

Hey HI!

I'm a proud malaysian staying in SG too! LOL

Thanks for your comment on my blog...

I loved DDR too till the stupid mat broke. then I quit. hahaha!


Shingo T said...

Well said. Too often have we taken people for granted, especially people around us. There are times when I have remind myself too.

thanks for the AWESOME comment. My thick skin will live on forever! Muahahaha. *cough cough*

Cherish Tulip:
Haha, infect more people with the happiness!

Ju Ann:
You quitted because the DDR mat went spoiled? Quite a pity.

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