Thursday, August 27

Kid or Spouse?

I like to spring surprise questions to the colleagues sitting around me. It’s something I like to do to take their minds off work every now and then.

So one day, I asked a female colleague, who she will save if both her kid and her hubby fell into the ocean and
(1) She can swim.
(2) Her kid and hubby cannot swim.
(3) She can only save one.

And her answer – the kid.

It seems that most people have given me the same answer. After having kids, the kids matter more than their spouse. Wifey and I felt otherwise, that the spouse is more important than the kid.

Anyway, I proceeded with the next question to see if her hubby will make a similar decision.
That is, who will her hubby save if both her kid and herself fell into the ocean (with the above 3 conditions similarly applied)

And her answer?
The hubby will save HIS MUM (which is not even listed in my option)!



Anonymous said...

Haha..I like the hubby's answer!

HappySurfer said...

I think most wives will think that of the husband - unfortunately it may be true. Let's ask some husbands.. LOL!

khengsiong said...

This is Confucian society. Parents come first.

But seriously, whatever answer you give, there is no winner.

Plankton McPlank said...

Aha! The age old question!

The only quick route out of it is to say, "I will drown, because I won't be able to live without either of you..."


Roxy. said...

Nice one, plankton.
Wow, the spouse very mummmy's boy.

Cherish Tulips said... hard to choose lar...i rather not choose as both are important people for me...

mkpjerry said...

if some husbands are mummy's boys, then why aren't the wives daddy's little girls? hmm...

foongpc said...

This is really tough question! LOL to husband's reply : )

Shingo T said...

Mei Teng:
Pray that your future hubby won't give the same answer. =p

Most hubbies will tell their wife what they want to hear.

Gals have this hobby of asking questions where we guys will lose either way.

haha, that's a good one! ^_^

Most gals don't like Mama's boy, from what i remembered.

Cherish Tulip:
haha, maybe you should try ask your hubby this question.

I tend to associate Daddy's little girls with spoilt brats.

You still young. When you get married and have kids, maybe you have to start answering this. =p

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