Monday, August 31

Why must mice eat cheese?

There is a community of mice living among a small village of people. Life was difficult, but then they were happy.

Every day, the mice workers would walk 5km to a factory that manufacture cheese. For the tiny mouse, 5km is a very long distance. They had to go a few trips to and fro so that they could transport enough food for the village of mice.

Some time later, they realise that the number of mice coming back from the factory was getting less and less. Upon investigation, they realised that the root cause was that human workers at the factory were mercilessly killing the mice for stealing their cheese.

An emergency meeting was called among the mice elders. They had to find a way to get food, while not endangering their species from the evil humans in the cheese factory.

One of the elders suggested that the mice should look for alternative place to scavage for food. Since there were no other nearby cheese factories, this elder suggested that the mice switch their diet from cheese to wheat. After all, the wheat field was only 3km away from them, much nearer than the cheese factory. And also less likely to be hunted by humans.

There was a huge backlash against the idea. Can they still call themself mouse if they don't eat cheese?

Those who speak the loudest tend to exert more influence. One of the more outspoken worker mice, Winnie, was totally against the idea. She argued that wheat, though avaliable in plentiful amount, taste bland. It is the solid version of plain water. Life should revolve around good food, why not just stick to the cheese factory and make sure that they be more careful of the humans this time round?

But the elders have decided, and so the mice took the "painful" step of switching their diet to wheat.

In the absence of cheese, all the mice had to get used to the taste of wheat. A different ingredient lead to new recipes. And it didn't take more than 3 months before the mice start to appreciate the benefit of change. Even Winnie, the aggressive mouse had started to love the wheat. And more importantly, the mice workers no longer have to be afraid of getting killed while at work. And more wheat can be harvested due to the shorter travelling distance, so they did less OT (overtime).

And the mouse lived happily ever after, at least fo the next 2 years.

Then, came the unfortunate famine that will drastically reduce the crops in the country. With the dwindling supply of wheat, the mice were faced with a new challenge.

So once again, the elders gathered once again for another round of emergency meeting. This time, the elder suggested a change in diet. They could switch to eating crickets, which are in abundance regardless of seasons.

And Winnie the loud-speaking mouse went protesting again, "But Mouse don't eat crickets". And she elaborated on how the jumping crickets will be hard to catch, and that they will taste disgusting. To which, the other mice agreed.

And there it goes again, another round of argument. But the decision makers were still the elders, and so Winnie, like the rest of the mice, had to accept the final decision.

Will it work?


Roxy. said...

wow. did you wrote this story yourself?
Quite a thought provoking story. I guess it's life.

HappySurfer said...

Life is like that - go with the flow or find another alternative.

wenn said...

hi..interesting story..

kenwooi said...

why mice eat cheese? i dont know why.. i think it only happens in stories.. not in real life.. =)

Mei Teng said...

Nice story! Life is about change and adapting.

Shingo T said...

Yup. Story is inspired by some events in life. Changing people's mindsets have always been a great challenge.

Totally agreed.

Wenn & Mei Teng:
Glad you like it. ^_^

Haha, in real life, mice eat thrash.

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