Sunday, September 13

13 September

Seven years ago, I held your hand.
Three years ago, you became my wife. ^_^


TZ said...

what about today? :p

Cherish Tulips said...

thaT''s so sweet!Happy Anniversary!

purple lilies said...

Congrats & Happy Anniversary!

I want to thank you for being so encouraging and sometimes I wonder why you even bother reading my blog. Its normally rants about my over dramatic life. I am a lost and confuse 'child', and got the worst bytes from relationships. I'm starting to believe that happy ever endings are not for me.

MKL said...

Congrats :-)

wenn said... many years to become grandpa?

numbernine said...

7 years ago, I spied a colleague getting off with an intern...

foongpc said...

Congrats! I hope next year, you don't take on a second wife! : )

Shingo T said...

That's the 3rd year anniversary.

Cherish Tulips:
Thanks! Does your hubby have a blog too?

purple lilies:
Thanks for the well-wishes too. I like reading blogs of people who tell their life-story. It makes me feel more human sometimes.

Thanks! ^_^

Haha, another 30 years? I'm getting old. Sniff.

You shall be exterminated from the surface of this Earth. =p

Shhh... not so loud. My Wifey reads my blog sometimes.

Roxy. said...

So sweet.
Hmmm, now if I have a guy this sweet too. Haha

Shingo T said...

Sweet guys have very thick-skin.

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