Monday, September 14

How to win in the Stock Market

As an appreciation of your faithful readership, today I shall share with you the ULTIMATE secret to earning at the stock market.

We all know that buying stocks is about "buying low, sell high".
But what if you buy low, and it goes even lower?

After years of doing endless economic factors regression pattern forecasting, technical analysis and simulation using historical data, I have realised that the key to a successful and profitable trade is NOT about SKILL. And it's NOT about TIMING.

It is about LUCK! And thus, I ventured and explored through the Amazon forest (tons of mosquitoes), the Sahara desert, and the Himalayas in search of four leaf clovers. With each of these samples, I conduct rigoruos experimentation to narrow down my choice to three species of the LUCKIEST four leaf clover.

Engaging the help of prominent botanists (damn, are they expensive!), I have leveraged on the latest knowledge and CUTTING-EDGE technological methods of the latest pollination, cross-hybridisation and DNA mutation to come up with THE four leaf clover.

(I had to name it after myself. Hey, you gotta admit that I should get some credit for such a masterpiece)

This WONDERFUL four leaf clover is one of a kind. It may look ordinary, but beneath its mediocre look lies a mystic and intangible luck that attracts money like a magnet.

For faithful readers, I will part with my LIMITED stocks at ONLY $499 per four leaf clover.

In fact, I am so confident that this SHINGO T FOUR LEAF CLOVER will make you money in the stock market, that I am willing to return you back your $499 if you don't earn money (which is by the way, IMPOSSIBLE!).


Hesitate no more. After all, the best way to beat risk is to START EARLY!

Bulldoze your way to financial freedom TODAY!

So how many do you want, suckers?

About the Author: Shingo T is making err.... little TONS AND TONS AND TONS of money in the stock market. And so can you!


kenwooi said...

im always confused with this topic.. =P

foongpc said...

Eh, your Shingo T Four Leaf Clover got discount or not? : )

Anonymous said...

ShingoT is one rich bloke ;)

You can't outsmart the market. Only rule is one mustn't be greedy. If you make a gain, be contented with it.

HappySurfer said...

Money makes money..

wenn said...

ya..hv money will earn more money..

Anonymous said...


Shingo, I think, unfortunately, that more millionaires are made with "get-rich-quick-I'll-show-you-how" scams than on the stock market itself...

Things you have on your post that will lead to great success in this scam... er... i mean... endeavor:

- Fancy looking chart giving the impression you know what you are doing, CHECK.

- Bringing in the expert, (prominent botanists), CHECK.

- It's a SECRET and only in a limited stock for a limited timeframe, CHECK.

- Moneyback "guarantee", CHECK

Think you are on to something here :D Very good post :)

Shingo T said...

Confused means we should get started from somewhere.

Just for you, my friend. $498 only. But ONLY if you reply within the next 48 hours.

Mei Teng:
The market likes to tease us by going higher whenever we sell.

HappySurfer & wenn:
True. For most employees, they exchange time for money however.

Care to buy a Shingo T four leaf clover?
*looks with innocent puppy eyes*

Anonymous said...

LMAO... oh no! no way! LOL

Roxy. said...

Wah. 419 alert.
Btw how's the sale? XD

Shingo T said...

Yes way. =p

No one is interested to join my scam... I mean sale. Wanna be first customer?

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